Sliding Door Repairs Dublin

Is your Sliding Porch or Patio Door giving you trouble?

Difficult to slide back and forth… Making weird noises…

Track in need of replacement… New wheels obviously needed…

Alignment issues… Handles need replacing… Letterbox renewal…

Then look no further!

Sliding Porch or Patio Door Repairs

Servicing Dublin North, South, County and Surrounding areas

Sliding Door Repairs work van

SLIDING DOOR REPAIRS DUBLIN has 35 years experience restoring the sliding aspect of these type of doors. Whether it’s replacing the wheels or rollers, or the more complicated track and runner replacements, we are most definitely the leaders in this field.

In the majority of cases, each job can be done with the one visit, particularly when pictures can be sent. We pride ourselves on being punctual, and will always communicate should there be a delay.

As long as the existing Lock is in good working order, each job includes a lock alignment. We also include general light maintenance of each sliding door, such as cleaning those hard to get areas only available when a sliding door is lifted off.

The age of the door is irrelevant, we frequently work on sliding doors that are over 20 years old!

The difference when sliding a Porch or Patio Door that has been restored by us is immediately apparent. In fact, we frequently have to literally warn people to be gentle whilst sliding their newly restored door back and forth because of this difference!

For a quotation, please call us on 087 693 8308 or fill out our enquiry form.