Restoring the Sliding aspect of Porch and Patio Doors for 35 years

About Sliding Door Repairs Dublin

Sliding Door Repairs Dublin is a website and business dedicated to restoring the sliding aspect of porch and patio doors. Sliding Door Repairs Dublin trades under our original business name Patio Door Doctor. That business was established and first registered back in 2005. The original Patio Door Doctor business covered many aspects of Aluminium and uPVC door and window repairs throughout Dublin and surrounding areas, including locksmith repairs. However, in February 2017, a government body called the PSA (Private Security Authority) required that every business who replaces and/or upgrades locks etc be licensed. Initially there was much confusion and even frustration around this, because among other things, obtaining and then maintaining a PSA Locksmith licence costs several thousand euro. Because lock replacement and related aspects for Patio Door Doctor was around 30% of what we did, we simply chose to change direction of the business and focus solely on the sliding aspect of Porch and Patio Doors. Coincidentally the restoration of the sliding aspect of these doors had always been the preference and passion of Brian Walters and Patio Door Doctor, so this was of course an easy choice.

Brian Walters is originally from New Zealand, he did his time as a tradesman glazier and glass cutter in New Zealand and then relocated to the United States, then to Australia, and then on to Ireland where he has resided for many years. Throughout those earlier years and whilst working in the different countries, Brian accumulated a great deal of knowledge and skill in the glass and window and door trade. So when he says he has 35 plus years of knowledge, he isn’t exaggerating! He primarily works on his own, but he does use casual help when required for the really heavy doors, but this is usually not required.

Over the years, other door doctors, window companies and even locksmiths have recommended us for this work (see wheel and roller replacement – track and roller replacement). As previously mentioned, we absolutely are passionate about getting your sliding porch or patio door to slide with ease. Frequently we are told after one of our specialised repairs that, ‘the door has never slid that well before’ or, ‘our door didn’t even slide like that when it was new’ we do hear this a lot and we never get tired of hearing it! It is extremely satisfying to see the faces of customers and their families once their door’s sliding aspect has been repaired and they are experiencing sliding the restored door for the first time.

We restore the sliding aspect to both Aluminium and uPVC Doors

Sliding Door Repairs Dublin is the first and only website and business in Ireland dedicated to restoring the sliding aspect of sliding porch and patio doors. We cover a wide area including Dublin, North, South and County, and will travel further if required. We will never try sell you a new door as we don’t even do them. We are punctual and efficient and we will always communicate should there be a delay with an appointment.

Please do contact us if your sliding porch or patio door needs its sliding aspect restored. You won’t be disappointed!