Restoring the Sliding aspect of Porch and Patio Doors for 35 years

Letterboxes for Sliding and Hinged Doors

Aluminium and uPVC Doors

We can supply and replace letterboxes that are located on or in a door. We can extend this aspect of our business to both sliding and hinged Doors. The reason for this is because both these door types use the same kind of letterboxes. Just like everything else on your door, your letterbox will need to be replaced at some point. They practically endure daily use, which of course includes not only your friendly postman or postwoman, but the incredible amount of often unwanted leaflets and so called junk mail. Customers will often claim that they only need a new spring to repair the letterbox, but believe us, the only way to repair a letterbox is to replace it. We also sometimes hear potential customers upon us giving a price to replace their letterbox, that much, but its only two screws! Well, a good deal of letterboxes are attached with 2 screws and/or rivets (usually on the older aluminium versions) however, there are very few letterboxes or situations where the repair is known in the trade as ‘like for like’. What this means is the new letterbox is exactly the same as the one it is replacing, therefore making the repair quite straightforward. Frequently this is not the case, and in some cases problems are caused by an old imperial measurement verse a new metric one. This principle can be applied to other aspects of repairing your door.

We restore the Sliding aspect to both Aluminium and uPVC Doors

Types of Letterboxes

There are essentially two types of quality for replacement letterboxes. Standard type letterboxes which are usually anodised (the finish and colour) and have basic draft proofing included, or letterboxes that have a plated finish (such as chrome or gold etc). The plated versions are slightly heavier and more sturdy, and will usually have better draft proofing than a standard one. However there is one letterbox known as a ‘Slimline’ which has no draft proofing. Those letterboxes do however have a felt type substance on the inside of the outward or exterior opening flap, more for sound deadening actually. You may also decide you want to upgrade your letterbox. Some of the early versions are very narrow in width, whereas the newer versions are all wider. Always nice to receive your mail unfolded and tidy!

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