Restoring the Sliding aspect of Porch and Patio Doors for 35 years

Porch Door Wheels and Rollers – Patio Door Wheels and Rollers

All Sliding Porch and Patio Doors have wheels or rollers at the bottom of the door. They then run along a track that is also located on the bottom of the door. After many years of use the wheels or rollers will need to be replaced. If they are not replaced at the first signs of them displaying wear, they will lose their ability to hold the weight of the door and indeed their primary function of aiding the door to slide or glide back and forth. In many cases the repair typically involves fitting a new pair of rollers or wheels to the door along with basic maintenance, and your sliding porch or patio door will soon be sliding along with ease.

Frequently, customers have informed us that after we have restored the sliding aspect of their door, they previously had thought the only option was to replace their door and were then delighted at the money they saved clearly not needing the replacement option and of course to then have a fully functioning sliding door.

We restore the sliding aspect to both Aluminium and uPVC doors

The age of your door is irrelevant to us, we frequently restore the sliding function of porch and patio doors 30 years old or more. Some of the older doors may require more attention, such as more cleaning than usual and minor adjustments where needed. We of course are thorough in this regard and know exactly what is required.

Porch and Patio Door Tracks and Runners

If for whatever reason a repair is prolonged because the wheels or rollers aren’t doing their job, the weight of the door will eventually cause the bottom of the door to rub or scrape along the bottom of the frame. Once this occurs, the bottom of the frame may need attention and the track will almost certainly need to be replaced. See Porch and Patio Door Tracks and Runners.