Restoring the Sliding aspect of Porch and Patio Doors for 35 years

Sliding Porch and Patio Door Handle Replacement

Aluminium or uPVC

All sliding porch and patio doors of course have handles which assist in the door sliding back and forth. Some of these handles will have levers incorporated in to them, these levers once pushed up or down, will either put the door in the locked or unlocked mode prior to the final action of locking which will done with the key barrel or cylinder. Because we are not PSA licensed locksmiths (see about Patio Door Doctor) we are not permitted to change or repair locks, but at Sliding Door Repairs, we offer porch and patio door handle replacement. We can supply and fit handles to sliding porch and patio doors where the lock is in good working order.

There are also many handles for these doors that don’t incorporate any levers, and are simply just handles. But regardless of which handles are on your door, many of them are now obsolete. In many cases we are able to use a proper sliding door handle that is available and we will modify it to suit so that it can be used instead. This applies to both handles with and without levers. Modifying a pair of handles is very time consuming and skilled. For example, what needs to be considered and achieved, are the screw holes which attach the handles to the door and/or the opening for a barrel or cylinder. These all need to line up and be consistent with the original configurations of the original handles.

Handle Replacement to Repair the Sliding Aspect or your Porch or Patio Door

Often sliding porch and patio door handles become lose or indeed broken, because the sliding aspect is not functioning properly. The door then seemingly becomes heavy and may have to be dragged back and forth. We have seen plenty of scenarios where the door is certainly repairable and/or the door only needs a pair of handles, but because they are obsolete, this is a big problem and not straight forward. These are the occasions where we may have to make two visits to your premises. However, we do have the dimensions of quite a few sliding door handles, which we can work from. This approach can be utilised by us simply viewing pictures that have been sent to us. As stated elsewhere on this website, ‘we always know what we’re looking at!’

We restore the sliding aspect to both Aluminium and uPVC Doors

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