Restoring the Sliding aspect of Porch and Patio Doors for 35 years

Porch Door Tracks and Runners – Patio Door Tracks and Runners

All Sliding Porch and Patio Doors have wheels or rollers and they run along a track or runner which is located at the bottom of the door. There are many types of tracks and runners and we have proven solutions for all of them should your one need to be replaced. It is usually very apparent why a track or runner needs to be replaced, such as being dislodged from the grove it’s supposed to be located in, or lumps and bumps across the ridge or peak.

Replacing the Tracks and Runners of your Door

The track or runner is a very important component of the sliding aspect of these doors. It is in fact essentially the foundation of the sliding aspect, which means that if it isn’t doing its job, it is imperative that it gets replaced. Once a sliding restoration is done, the difference is apparent immediately, the door will literally go from one extreme to the other and will slide back or forth with ease. In many cases we have been informed that the door we’ve just repaired is sliding even better than when it was new.

We restore the sliding aspect to both Aluminium and uPVC doors

Porch and Patio Door Wheels and Rollers

When a new track or runner is installed we also install a new pair of wheels or rollers. This is to ensure that the sliding aspect of the door is completely restored and will remain so for many years. Also with new wheels or rollers, we will have height adjustment, this in turn will assist the alignment of a working lock and our alignment of it. See Porch and Patio Door Wheels and Rollers. Replacing the track or runner on your sliding porch or patio door really is a specialised task. We are without the question the leaders in this field. We are the only business in Ireland dedicated solely to the restoration of the sliding aspect of these doors.